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I began my career as a therapist by enrolling at the Columbia School of Social Work where I completed intensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) through the Linehan Institute and a yearlong DBT internship at an LGBQT+ health center.  Seeing the results obtainable from evidence-based psychotherapy inspired a life-long commitment to learning.  I subsequently trained in Cognitive Behavioral, Compassion Focused, Radically Open DBT, Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD, Emotionally Focused Therapies; Motivational Interviewing; Treatment for Complex Trauma; and Prolonged Exposure.  I also extended my knowledge of DBT by training in DBT for couples and families, DBT for children, DBT for eating disorders, DBT for substance use, DBT PTSD, and the DBT Prolonged Exposure protocol.


As I was hiding in the shadows waiting for the curtain to rise for the first time, anticipation vibrated through my body and caught in my throat.  I had the urge to cry, scream, crumble, reach out for a hand that would pull me back into the wings. But the curtain rose and I was caught in the light. A voice echoed faintly in my mind -  'Take your pain and transform it into art'.  I didn’t know what she meant when she said it, but my theater teacher’s words flooded me like an instinct as I stepped through the light toward my mark, and found my voice.

They say that art imitates life and life informs art.  Throughout my life, as I struggled with intense emotions -- and the urges they provoke -- I brought my mind back to the darkness behind the curtain, the joy spot lights rain on the stage, and the motivation to transform my pain into the art of a life well lived. 

As a therapist, my goal is to empower individuals, couples, and families by teaching them how to transform their pain into motivation.  I don’t pathologize emotion, rather, I help clients mindfully embrace emotion so they can change behaviors and build a life full of valued experiences and relationships.



I have accumulated experience treating a wide range of mental health issues and focus my practice on managing anxiety, depression, anger, relational conflict, substance abuse, trauma, and impulsive behavior.  I specialize in populations affected by minority stress, including stigma associated with ethnic, gender, and sexual identities.  I take a non-judgemental and compassionate stance with my clients.  By attuning to their unique needs, I help clients understand the cause of their suffering and pain.  Insight is not, however, my primary target in treatment.  I work with clients to leverage understanding into change by harnessing emotions that energize the pursuit of clearly specified goals.



I was born in the U.K., raised in Taiwan, moved to the U.S. in high school, and cycled between these countries as an adult. I apply my experience transitioning between continents and cultures to inform my work with clients challenged by major life transitions, including those related to immigration/acculturation, sexuality, health, marriage, divorce, childrearing, education, and professional development.  I am fluent in English and Mandarin.

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